Treatment of refugeesis absolutely woeful

Julian Burnside (The Courier July 4) has highlighted the woeful performance of Scott Morrison and the Abbott government in its treatment of refugees.

If the Tamil refugees have been taken off their boats and they are not on Christmas Island, and they haven’t been sent back to Sri Lanka, Indonesia or India, then presumably they remain on board Australian Naval vessels awaiting their fate.

Whatever their fate, it will probably be neither humane nor legal.

We should be outraged if the Tamils are sent back to Sri Lanka. This is akin to sending Jews back to Nazi Germany.

The difference is that Hitler didn’t accept Jewish refugees back after he was rid of them.

The pariah Rajapaksa government of Sri Lanka, on the other hand, does accept back Tamils because it is keen to gain recognition and legitimacy from Australia.Back in Sri Lanka, the returning Tamils’ awful fate is sealed, as Morrison surely must know.

Australia’s abuse of refugees arises because of the setting up of the secret pseudo-military operation “Sovereign Borders”.

This has become a cloak for human rights abuses. Legitimate refugees are demonised as “illegals” tantamount to “enemy invaders”.

How do the militarily treat enemy invaders? They are certainly not helped. At best they are intercepted and imprisoned somewhere. This has been the fate of many. At worst the “enemy” boats are sunk and survivors are strafed in the water.

I doubt that this would happen, but how can the public ever know?

Of course they are not entitled to know, since this remains an “operational matter”.

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