Netball | PHOTOS YCW vs Roopena:YCW player grabbing on to the ball.

YCW player reaching high and prevent Roopena from taking the ball.

Roopena having the ball with YCW on her heels defending to take it back.

Roopena looking to whom of her team mates she can pass the ball to.

Roopena catching the ball with YCW player staying on her.

YCW bending down to take the ball before Roopena player can do so

Both teams jumping high to get to ball first.

Hayley Stone reaching high to catch the ball.

Kylie Knight jumped to catch the ball before it passes her.

Kylie Knight grabbing on to the ball.

Taylor Breen of warriors looking to who she can throw this ball to.

Kate Deakin of warriros holding the ball ready to throw.

Centre of Warriors making reading to pass the ball.

Warriors vs Kiwi: Both teams reaching high to grap the ball first.

Warriors slapping the all out of reach.

Kiwi player trying to shoot a goal with warriors defending mighty hard.

Kiwi player grabbing the ball.

Warriors having a go at shooting a goal with Kiwi players reaching to stop her.

Warriors player catching on to the ball.

Both Roopena and YCW reaching high to slap and or grab the ball away.

Excellent catch from this Roopena player.

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