Hockey | PHOTO Waratah vs Stuart: Excellent defence from both teams.

Stuart on her way towards the ball but Waratah player is not just going to allow that from happening, the chase is surely on.

Waratah player trying to send the ball pass the Stuart player.

Waratah player dribbling to ball towards his own goals but Stuart is on hot on his heals.

Waratah player dribbling the ball but Stuart is trying desperately to take it off.

It looks like Stuart did take this ball from the Waratah player

Waratah girl dribbling the ball with a determination.

Stuart having the ball on the end of her stick – locking to who she can pass before the Waratah player gets to her.

Stuart trying to take the ball from Waratah.

Waratah player sending the ball accurately away.

Waratah player leaning in to take the ball from Stuart.

Stuart having a go so send the ball towards his goals.

Men’s A grade: Hummock Hill vs Steel: Hummock Hill dribbling the ball with Steel swamping him to stop the ball from passing them.

Hummock Hill player having a go with the ball.

Hard defence from both teams.

Hummock Hill trying to get to the ball but Steel has the same idea.

Steel player dribbling the ball accurately towards his goals.

Hummock Hill going down with Steel on his heels to get to the ball first.

Hummock Hill trying to stop the ball from passing.

Absolutely great hockey

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