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I would like to correct the Premier Denis Napthine and Minister for Transport Terry Mulder with their attempt to do a Peter Ryan and deflect and divert any criticism of their statements, policies and lacklustre performances.

The Regional Rail Link and Velocity trains were an initiative of the previous government, dare I say it, the Labor Party, for fear of being labelled again as a Labor Party attack dog by the postulating and indolent Minister for Regional Development.

I have said previously, that it is an impoverished man who lays claim to the successes, achievements and initiative of others and Premier Napthine appears to be very much in this mould.

If it had been left to the conservative government with its obsession for roads, the country traveller would be still travelling in 1940s, 50s and 80s passenger rolling stock.

The leader of the National Party, Peter Ryan, recently announced a roads policy for the election.

This is a prime example of how out of touch Peter Ryan and the National Party are and totally removed from the priorities of country people who are demanding passenger rail services returned and freight moved from road to rail.

Grain Corp recorded 40,000 truck movements with the 2013-14 grain harvest no wonder country roads are in such an appalling and dangerous state with B Doubles literally tearing up the roads that have not been engineered to carry their weight.

Mr Mulder resorts to blaming the state of the Castlemaine to Maryborough rail line on the Labor Party.

I would like to point out to Mr Mulder that the LNP Coalition has had four years to repair the rail line.

I might also point out to the Minister for Transport that it was his colleague and National Party Leader Peter Ryan who trumpeted the Geelong to Bendigo rail link as part of the Coalition’s 2010 election promise, which was just as quickly cancelled on the back of a dubious and exorbitant consultant’s report designed primarily to get Peter Ryan off his political hook.

I also wish to indicate to the Transport Minister that the line was damaged in the 2011 floods and was not repaired by the LNP government, so it was more convenient to inconspicuously close it and attempt to convert it into a bike trail.

The same has happened to the Bendigo-Inglewood line, also damaged by the 2011 flood and not repaired by the LNP government.

The Minister for Regional Development, Peter Ryan, had the rail line in his own electorate ripped up from Leongatha to Yarram. Consequently, Peter Ryan is less than popular in his own electorate for this lack of strategic thinking and the people in his electorate are campaigning to have the line put back.

The Castlemaine to Maryborough rail line has been truncated by the removal of rails and sleepers at rail crossings under the illusion that the removal was being done for the safety of vehicle drivers.

When questioned about this on Ballarat ABC radio, Mr Mulder had no information and was not informed about this action.

The truncating of the rail line was to have the line permanently moth-balled and then ripped up, which would have completed the agenda of Mr Mulder and Mr Ryan. However, the Rail Revival Alliance will continue to pursue the campaign to have the Castlemaine-Maryborough rail line restored and operational and to enable its 140 years of service to country people continues with regard and respect for its importance to the rail infrastructure of Victoria.

The Castlemaine-Maryborough line is an important and valuable link in the Geelong-Ballarat-Maryborough Castlemaine-Bendigo regional rail link.

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